Kristin Roberts

An Independent Practice of Smoky Mountain Individual and Family Therapy

Kristin presents Mindfulness Stress Management classes periodically.  This includes four weeks 1 ½ hours for each class.


Mindfulness is the practice of awareness of present experience with acceptance.  It is a way of making time for yourself, slowing down, nurturing calmness, primarily through focusing on the breath.


Benefits include:  effective stress management, dealing with pain, coping with anxiety, improved concentration, lessen reactivity, improving patience, and has been found effective in achieving stability of mood.


Class will include understanding the effects of stress from a holistic view:  mind, emotions, body and spirit.  It is an experiential group; including informal group discussion, guided imagery and relaxation, and practice of mindfulness techniques.


No experience is necessary.  Any participants can apply the skills in daily life. These skills have been taught to all populations including CEO’s, inner city youth, heart patients, those dealing with life threatening illness, etc. Feel free to call with any questions.


Cost:   $20.00 per session or $70.00 for four sessions.

Classes are held at Mineral Essence Day Spa

To register:  Call 625-1678  #2 or 608-1548

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52 Proven Stress Reducers